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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Which came first - Cancer Cure or House Repairs?
Topic: October 2005
Nothing new to report on the cancer, side effects, doc whine. But, the painter called yesterday and decided she can start next week. Seems my "cancer, chemo, no bed/sleeping on the floor" whine worked! so, I'm very glad about that. She's a really good painter (did the outside of our house last year) and I'd recommend her to anyone. Pearson's Professional Painting in Montrose.

I'm still having problems getting someone to do the bathroom and am about ready just to clean it up, paint it, patch the wall, install a new floor, and be done with it. What's with these contractors anyway. IF they show up, then they fail to follow through on estimates, IF they get you an estimate, they don't show up for the work. I called one guy yesterday who was out last week to take measurements for estimate and HE SAID he'd have it by Tuesday, well, he almost bit my head off when I called and followed up... he was like "mame, I'll have it when its ready." And this is a well-known place in my area, been there for years, advertises everywhere re their work... Another guy came back with a $30,000 estimate! I was like what?? for tile and cabinets! He wanted to gut the entire bathroom and start over... yea, I guess I forgot to pick up my lotto winnings. I explained to him that I didn't need all that work, so he said he'd get back to me with another estimate... probably won't hear from him again either.

At least I have another bathroom, so if it isn't done right away, it won't stop me from getting my stuff (BED!) moved back in.
The insurance company hassel is another story, seems the Katrina, Rita hurricanes have kept them busy, and my small-peanuts fire keeps getting pushed to the back burner - or at least a different adjuster. I call them at least once a week to find out where my money is for my lost items. I sent that in about 2 months ago. I inventoried everything on an excel spreadsheet, and put in the prices, well, they are going over it. I'm starting to think a cure for cancer will be found by the time I get all this fire stuff squared away!

Posted by sue at 11:07 AM PST

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