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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Monday, November 7, 2005
Life is coming back
Topic: October 2005
Went to doc on thursday. Blood work looks good, or where it should be... low. I asked about the bus that hit me 2 days after the last chemo and doc said it's the crash coming off the steriods. So, he gave me a prescription for a lower dose to take the second and third day to see if that will minimize the crash, or, he says, it just may postpone it til the weekend. But all in all, this chemo is way better then the last! I feel totally recovered and still have a week before the next infusion. ah, a taste of life is here.

In fact, this weekend, I even cleaned my house.... how's that for energy. What's up with the junk drawer in the kitchen. Where did that "idea" come from. I went through it and tossed out all sorts of useless stuff. Can't seem to totally part with it, but at least now I can open it. I also cleaned out the booze cabinet, had some wierd knick knacks in there and some of those king size fast food cups. Now, why save those... who knows, but they're gone now. Then I attacked the junk food cabinet. Seems by the date on those packages I like to have junk food around, but don't eat it. Most of the dates were in 2004. So, there went another trash bag of junk. Now, if I can only get rid of that dang knife block on the counter. Guess I need to clean out a drawer for that.

Spent the rest of the weekend shopping with my sister. Fun Times, bought a new wig and a stencil for my eyebrows. Now, I'm starting to feel normal! I got eyebrows and hair, albeit faux. but they both look realistic. I'm not feeling like a "blank". Now, if only I can get the rest of my clothes back from storage....
ah, life is starting to return and I'll have a blank canvas to create!

Posted by sue at 10:42 AM PST

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