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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Friday, August 15, 2008
Lost 6 Kilos
Topic: August, 2008

Went for my 3 month BC check up yesterday and all is well.  Blood work is good.  Doc was considering switching me from tamoxifen to an aromatase inhibitor, but because of my osteopenia, decided not to.  The tamaxifen helps keep bone and the aramatose weakens bones.   No need to live to a 100 if I'm just going to crack and turn to dust!    The doc also noted that I lost 6 kilos (13 pounds).  I was so happy about that because I am now back to my pre-bc weight!   You know the doc would say, ah,you can't lose weight on tamoxifen, and so I'd think, ok, may as well eat that quart of ice cream and THAT is what caused the weight gain, not the meds!  So, I went back to my trusty Weight Watchers in May and dump the extra poundage.

I got out of going to Gypsy Kings tonite, so I will sew!   Other than a bra that I cut out, I don't have anything in progress, so tonite, with a nice glass of wine, I'm going to rummage through my stash of fabrics and patterns and put some ideas together!  Can't wait!  Later this weekend I'll post a mini-tutorial on my bra making adventure.

Posted by sue at 9:52 AM PDT

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