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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
eek, where'd I go

time flies and I haven't blogged.  My sister borrowed my camera to go with her daughter's class to Washington DC, so I haven't taken any photos.  I'm working on a Christmas Quilt!  Each year, I wish I had a Christmas quilt to substitute in place where another quilt hangs, and each  year passes and no quilt.  Well, this year I'm gonna make one.  I've embroidered out 12 blocks... The Twleve Days of Christmas... and now I need to pick fabric for the borders and sashing. 

But first, a much needed vacation. Next week I head up to Yosemite for my annual trip.  Can't wait.  then I come home for a day and fly to NY and Montreal to meet up with PR friends!  Those two weeks couldn't contrast more!  

This past weekend, I finally, redid the patio.   Argh, hard work, but so worth it.  My neighbor helped... well, actually, I helped her, take out the grass, dirt, and then level and install 100+ pavers. Now, I have a nice place for my patior furniture.  Here's a photo from my cellphone

Posted by sue at 2:12 PM PDT

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