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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My 30 year high school reunion is this October....Has it really been that long?  Is there really anyone I want to see that I haven't? Do I need to lose weight, get in shape, fix something?  Shall I make something to wear?  Shall I torture DH and drag him along?  Why are they always so expensive? Dang



Posted by sue at 11:54 AM PDT
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I have to interrupt this entry to include a link to a YouTube video I just saw re foldover elastic.... watch it, it's good


I've been so busy these last few months with ASG stuff.  The American Sewing Guild, which is nationwide non-profit, educational organziation and has over 22,000 members.  They recently started a Los Angeles Chapter.... Guess what, I volunteered to be VP.   Since March we have grown to 160 members in our Chapter and had our kick off event with Peggy Sagers in June.  Next month is our second event is with Bobbi Bullard. 

I have also started a neighborhood group and we are now 10+ sewing ladies strong.   We have been meeting 1x per month and each time the group grows and the previous attendees come back I am so happy.... it's like Sally Fields in the "you like me" speech she did when she won the Oscar. 

The Los Angeles County Fair is next month and I have secured a booth at the Fair to help promote the ASG.  16 ladies have volunteered to help me.   I want to grow our Chapter to 500+ members by next March - I'm the little train that could.... I think I can, I think I can...  If you sew, why not be a member, there are so many benefits that it is well worth the $40 membership fee.... just the discount at Joann's will cover the fee in no time.  Most sewing shops give an ASG discount!   www.asg.org

The other part I've been working on is programing for the next year... and I've got that pretty much set.... now to find locations for the programs!   It's all coming together!  

Posted by sue at 11:10 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 3:49 PM PDT
Sunday, August 17, 2008

I made a second bra and want to recommend that if you sew, you tackle this project.  It is well worth it.  A nice fitting bra!  And it's not difficult at all. 

here's my supplies, pattern, fabric, instruction book, elastic

it went together in about 2 hours, but I was watching a movie.  I can't wait to make more and just think of all the options and fabric choices....  






here's the 2 sides, inside and outside with wire.  the band is made from a power knit, the cups are a knit satin and tricot.







here it is sewn without the straps.  I used plush elastic for the top and bottom.  The straps will be out of interfaced tricot.  There is a 1-2" piece of elastic at the base of the strap in the back for movement, otherwise, the straps go on and are fitted.  There is not need for adjusting hardware. 






and the finished project.  






I still had another movie to watch, and so I decided to tackle a knitting needle case I promised a friend at least 8 months ago!  She purchased one of my purses and wanted a case to go with it.

I was stalling making it because I don't knit and didnt' want to figure out all the math and sizing, but then I saw a pattern so I purchased the book "Quick Gifts Bullard Style" from www.bullarddesigns.com.  It went together really nicely and now I can't wait to give it to her.  She does pottery and has made me some fun pieces and does beautiful work.  This is her site http://www.MelsPottery.etsy.com 

and here's the needle case.  





Posted by sue at 3:49 PM PDT
Friday, August 15, 2008
Lost 6 Kilos
Topic: August, 2008

Went for my 3 month BC check up yesterday and all is well.  Blood work is good.  Doc was considering switching me from tamoxifen to an aromatase inhibitor, but because of my osteopenia, decided not to.  The tamaxifen helps keep bone and the aramatose weakens bones.   No need to live to a 100 if I'm just going to crack and turn to dust!    The doc also noted that I lost 6 kilos (13 pounds).  I was so happy about that because I am now back to my pre-bc weight!   You know the doc would say, ah,you can't lose weight on tamoxifen, and so I'd think, ok, may as well eat that quart of ice cream and THAT is what caused the weight gain, not the meds!  So, I went back to my trusty Weight Watchers in May and dump the extra poundage.

I got out of going to Gypsy Kings tonite, so I will sew!   Other than a bra that I cut out, I don't have anything in progress, so tonite, with a nice glass of wine, I'm going to rummage through my stash of fabrics and patterns and put some ideas together!  Can't wait!  Later this weekend I'll post a mini-tutorial on my bra making adventure.

Posted by sue at 9:52 AM PDT
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
4 Bowl Weekend
Topic: August, 2008

This weekend, we have 4 Hollywood Bowl events!  Yikes!   That will not leave enough sewing time, so I'll need to ditch 1 or 2.  Last night was the first Bowl.... Etta James, Solomon Burke, and Paolo Nutini (each separate performances).  It was a fun night, I'm really enjoying the wednesday night jazz series so much better then the weekend "spectaculars".  I also thouroughly enjoyed Paolo Nutini and you can read more about him here  http://www.hollywoodbowl.com/music/artist_detail.cfm?id=3461

Solomon Burke was an interesting guy... he sat the entire time in a large throne and wore a really glittery suit and had a guy on hand to occasionally wipe his brow, then later in the show passed out roses to the ladies in the audience.  Etta was sassy as ever and looks like she lost a lot of weight, I don't recall her being slim.   Her voice is still strong.

Friday is Gypsy Kings, this is DH's pick and I can tolerate them for about 30 mins, then I'm done, so I'm hoping he can find a friend to go with him.  Saturday is Mambo Night... should be lively, and Sunday is the JVC Jazz Festival with James Ingram,  Boney James, David Sanborn, Ledisi and Eric Darius.


 Now for sewing,   the minute I saw this...... I knew I had to make it!

It is Burda WOF, August 2008 #101.   I have the magazine, now I just need to find some fabric.   It looks so "Agent 99"!


I'm thinking a nice brown with some rustic type buttons.  Something to take the conservative-ness away.  Maybe a fun lining... it's always fun to have a surprise inside your outfit  Surprised


Posted by sue at 1:44 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, August 14, 2008 9:53 AM PDT

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