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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Tuesday, November 8, 2005
No Complaints
Topic: October 2005
Another normal day.... I wonder if 2 months from now, I'll rethink that... but for now, things are good: my brain works, I can eat, and I like my new wig. Oh, and the painters are at my house working!!

Here's an article in the November issue of Prevention Magazine that I want to share.

"We've all seen a movie of the week about a woman with cancer who survives against all odds and gets the cute guy in the end. These stories have taught us that cancer bestows valuable lessons; that doctors always know what's best; that everyone comes together to support the heroine.

Well, you'll be shocked--shocked--to discover that Hollywood doesn't always get it right. So we asked the people who really know: cancer survivors from all walks of life--celebrities, authors, athletes, doctors. We delivered the television bromides; they responded with the unvarnished truth."
follow this link for the rest of the article
Everything you thought you knew about Cancer is Wrong

Posted by sue at 2:36 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, November 8, 2005 2:37 PM PST
Monday, November 7, 2005
Life is coming back
Topic: October 2005
Went to doc on thursday. Blood work looks good, or where it should be... low. I asked about the bus that hit me 2 days after the last chemo and doc said it's the crash coming off the steriods. So, he gave me a prescription for a lower dose to take the second and third day to see if that will minimize the crash, or, he says, it just may postpone it til the weekend. But all in all, this chemo is way better then the last! I feel totally recovered and still have a week before the next infusion. ah, a taste of life is here.

In fact, this weekend, I even cleaned my house.... how's that for energy. What's up with the junk drawer in the kitchen. Where did that "idea" come from. I went through it and tossed out all sorts of useless stuff. Can't seem to totally part with it, but at least now I can open it. I also cleaned out the booze cabinet, had some wierd knick knacks in there and some of those king size fast food cups. Now, why save those... who knows, but they're gone now. Then I attacked the junk food cabinet. Seems by the date on those packages I like to have junk food around, but don't eat it. Most of the dates were in 2004. So, there went another trash bag of junk. Now, if I can only get rid of that dang knife block on the counter. Guess I need to clean out a drawer for that.

Spent the rest of the weekend shopping with my sister. Fun Times, bought a new wig and a stencil for my eyebrows. Now, I'm starting to feel normal! I got eyebrows and hair, albeit faux. but they both look realistic. I'm not feeling like a "blank". Now, if only I can get the rest of my clothes back from storage....
ah, life is starting to return and I'll have a blank canvas to create!

Posted by sue at 10:42 AM PST
Thursday, November 3, 2005
Hurry up and Wait
Topic: October 2005
Today I go to doc for lab and visit. Doc wants to check out my blood 10 days after the "new" chemo. Which, by the way is Taxol, not Taxofere as I had thought. Although I think they may be similar. Taxol info

I go, get my labs, wait an hour or so, then visit the doc. As I sit there I people watch and eavesdrop on conversations. I can always tell who the patient is because they tag us when we arrive/check-in. We get a wristband with our account number, name, and date of birth. We also get a set of labels to give to the nurse for I suppose labeling our lab viles, folders, whatever.
The newer patients usually come with a group; and the ones that have been there a long time, are usually alone or maybe with 1 other person.

There's a lot of patients with masks on. I asked a nurse why and she said because the patients that get bone marrow transplants must wear them for 180 days as their blood count is building up. Those people usually sit by themselves somewhere. I think 180 days! That's a long time, their treatment must last years. I count myself lucky to only hve 6-8 months of my life interrupted. Then I see the kids, some very young, some teenagers, some in their 20's. What a terrible thing to go through so young. I couldn't imagine trying to date, go to school, and hang out with my friends and have to go through cancer on top of all the other adolescent "traumas". I count myself lucky to have experienced a normal childhood, teenage years, and life. I see the older couples, who must have thought they'd spend their retirement years traveling, gardening, playing golf, who are now accompanying each other to their appointments. They don't talk as much as the kids and parents, they just sit together, look out for each other and help each other get up, sit down, and make sure they are in the right place. There is an unspoken communication going on. I count myself lucky to realize that now is the time to enjoy life, and not to wait for retirement to do the things I want.

So, today, I'll go, hurry up to get to my appt on time, and then wait, watch and eavesdrop. Who will I see today, a 20-something man with his mom and brother, nervously bouncing his leg as he waits for his name to be called; a young child in a wheelchair looking like their whole life as been in a hospital and that is normal; an frail older man in his pj's with his wife, helping him and taking him where he needs to go... .

I wonder what they will see... a 40-something woman, bald, pensive, smiling, counting her blessings and feeling very fortunate to have so much?

Posted by sue at 9:25 AM PST
Updated: Thursday, November 3, 2005 9:28 AM PST
Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Which came first - Cancer Cure or House Repairs?
Topic: October 2005
Nothing new to report on the cancer, side effects, doc whine. But, the painter called yesterday and decided she can start next week. Seems my "cancer, chemo, no bed/sleeping on the floor" whine worked! so, I'm very glad about that. She's a really good painter (did the outside of our house last year) and I'd recommend her to anyone. Pearson's Professional Painting in Montrose.

I'm still having problems getting someone to do the bathroom and am about ready just to clean it up, paint it, patch the wall, install a new floor, and be done with it. What's with these contractors anyway. IF they show up, then they fail to follow through on estimates, IF they get you an estimate, they don't show up for the work. I called one guy yesterday who was out last week to take measurements for estimate and HE SAID he'd have it by Tuesday, well, he almost bit my head off when I called and followed up... he was like "mame, I'll have it when its ready." And this is a well-known place in my area, been there for years, advertises everywhere re their work... Another guy came back with a $30,000 estimate! I was like what?? for tile and cabinets! He wanted to gut the entire bathroom and start over... yea, I guess I forgot to pick up my lotto winnings. I explained to him that I didn't need all that work, so he said he'd get back to me with another estimate... probably won't hear from him again either.

At least I have another bathroom, so if it isn't done right away, it won't stop me from getting my stuff (BED!) moved back in.
The insurance company hassel is another story, seems the Katrina, Rita hurricanes have kept them busy, and my small-peanuts fire keeps getting pushed to the back burner - or at least a different adjuster. I call them at least once a week to find out where my money is for my lost items. I sent that in about 2 months ago. I inventoried everything on an excel spreadsheet, and put in the prices, well, they are going over it. I'm starting to think a cure for cancer will be found by the time I get all this fire stuff squared away!

Posted by sue at 11:07 AM PST
Tuesday, November 1, 2005
Day Trippin'
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: October 2005
Um, well, didn't dress up as Uncle Fester, didn't have the black coat, and by the time I got home from work I was tired. We had a bunch of cute trick or treaters... ah, the little ones are so cute! My niece and nephew were Minnie and Mickey Mouse, they were the cutest! This morning was another mascara battle, I think I used more q-tips trying to wipe off the mess then I did mascara. Maybe I need a tube with a smaller brush.... Maybe i should just give up.

I'm wearing my latest blouse today, and solved the "what do I wear on my head" thing with some extra fabric. I was concerned that I may be wearing too much print, but I asked around, and it's ok (or at least that what they'd say to my face). My fingers are still numb and I've fallen off my shoes twice already this morning, good thing they are not heels. The bottom of my feet are numb too, so I think that's why I keep tripping over myself (well, at least more then usual).

Did I mention the painter has been delayed, so I WON"T be getting my stuff back the week of the 21st. Ah, who cares at this point, I suppose it will all get done one day.....

Posted by sue at 11:25 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, November 1, 2005 11:27 AM PST

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