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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Monday, July 28, 2008
Weekend reporting
Topic: July, 2008

Saturday nights used to be going out.... now I enjoy sitting home with a dvd, glass (or 2) of wine, and sewing.  This was my saturday night project. 

it's a simple wrap dress out of rayon lycra.  the bodice is lined and it went together really quickly.





Sunday I went out to the Long Beach Quilt Festival.  Here's some photos of some things I thought were interesting.




It was pretty quiet on sunday, but I understand that friday and saturday it was chaotic.  They ran out of parking and food!  Eeek!  The Show will be back next year and probably more organized.  This is the same show that they present in Houston which is HUGE and well-attended.  I'm glad it's now on the west coast.   I'm always amazed at the detail that some of these items have... who has that amount of time?! 

I bought a circle cutter.... I've been noticing circles randomly placed on t-shirts and would like to try it, and also try the technique Mary Ray demo'd where she used triangles, but I want to use circles.  I also bought a pattern for a skirt and a kimono panel.  


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Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 4:36 PM PDT
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Long Beach Quilt Festival
Topic: July, 2008

this weekend I'm heading to Long Beach to the Long Beach Quilt Festival.  http://www.quilts.com/home/shows/ This is done by the same organization that does Houston, so it should be fabulous!   There will be over 300 vendors... yes 300!  Yikes, I better NOT take my credit card!   I'll report back with photos next week.  If you are there, I will be sitting at the ASG booth on Sunday, so stop by and say "hi".

 On another topic, I'm already planning my next "vacation" (Aug 8-10).  My niece, best friend, and I are going on a mini-road trip up the eastern side of the Sierras (hwy 395), with stops in Bodie http://www.bodie.com/, Mono Lake http://www.monolake.org/live/monocam2.htm, and then through the Tioga Pass to Yosemite for a hike up the "4 mile trail" to Glacier Point, then down the Panorama Trail back to the Valley.  I did this hike several years ago and loved it.  Of course, there will be all the requisite food stops along the way.  Schotz Bakery in Bishop is a favorite!  My niece is at a fun age and loves to explore with me.  She my friend and I have great fun on our trips.

Posted by sue at 10:34 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 4:37 PM PDT
Friday, July 18, 2008
ASG Conference - Chicago
Topic: July, 2008

As I mentioned in a previous post, I went to the American Sewing Guild (ASG) conference in Chicago and I took 4 days of classes.  

The first class was Christine Jonson's pants fitting class.  This class was a lot of sitting around and watching compared to other classes, and yes I did get kind of bored, BUT it was interesting to watch Christine fit pants to each person and each body style/type.  I did learn a lot from watching.... and brought home a pants pattern that should fit.  If you haven't tried any of Christine's patterns, I highly recommend them.  I have sewn up several and they go together nicely and are very nice... her fabrics are wonderful too.  www.cjpatterns.com



The next day I took a Perfect Edges class with Mary Ray.  This class was to provide you with ideas on ways to finish garment hems and edges.  I think a bit too much time was spent in the beginning going over basic interfacing and facing techniques.... been there, done that, but the last hour she got down to the fun and different edges. I got some nice ideas from this class.  I particularly liked the triangle edges on a skirt and will defintely be doing that technique in the near future










Saturday's class was a bra fitting and making class.  that was a great class.  We worked hard and left the class with a completely finished and fitted bra.  A bit "industrial" looking for my taste, but I got a pattern and can't wait to make a bra that fits AND the straps will stay on my shoulders!








Friday evening was the fashion show.  Any member can enter their item and it is not judged.  And there were lots of garments and a big variety. I wrote down a few numbers of patterns that I particularly liked.  I was especially excited to see a few young sewers with beautiful garments.... We need more of those!!  Most of my photos of this event didn't come out too well, but here's a few
















I met up with a cyber sewing friend and we had a great dinner and a nice chat.  it is so nice to sit around talking sewing and garment construction with someone who's eyes light up.  I also had lunch on another day with a fiber artist friend who moved to Chicago, it was nice catching up with her and talking about colors, fibers, and techniques.  


Sunday's class was a class on color theory and mixed media techniques.  We made a wrap.  that class was fun, but I would have liked more time to work on the wrap and less time "practicing" on paper.   

All in all my trip to Chicago was wonderful!  I got to spend time doing my 2  3 favorite things: visiting with family, sewing, and eating!

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Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 4:37 PM PDT
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Topic: July, 2008

I have returned from Chicago where I visited family and went to the ASG  Conference (more on that in a later post).  I had a wonderful time!   It was so nice to visit with family that I haven't seen for at least 12 years and up where they live, in No. Illinois was beautiful!  The flowers that I struggle to grow in my backyard are wild and plentiful in their huge yard!  The fireflies at night are magical, but the mosquitos were hungry.


















I took the train downtown a few times and wandered around. Took a water taxi to Navy Pier and had a hot dog.   The skyline is so diverse and enormous compared to our downtown Los Angeles.   I can't wait to go back and explore some more.


































My family there was so warm and gracious and made me feel right at home.  I will definitely be going back for future visits.  






















I visited Vogue Fabrics in Evanston and bought some nice linens, bamboo knits, and a slicker fabric for a rain jacket. 

Oh, and did I mention I ate way too much, but enjoyed every bite!  

Fanny Mae, Morke's, White Castle burgers, hot dogs, pizza, dumplings and sourkraut!  Ah, it was calorie overload heaven.


Posted by sue at 11:57 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 4:38 PM PDT
Thursday, July 3, 2008

Topic: July, 2008

I finished the skirt, jacket, dresses, and tee.  I realized I need to take photos and post before I pack my camera.


















I'm getting ready to leave to Chicago for 11 days!  I fly out early saturday - 5 days with family, and 6 days at the ASG National Conference.  I'll have lots of photos and stories when I return. I'm hoping to meet up with sewing friends and friends who moved to the Chicago area, visit the museums, the house I lived in, see fire flies, and eat all the good Chicago foods, and of course, see my cousins and aunt/God mother! 


Posted by sue at 5:02 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 4:38 PM PDT

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