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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Thursday, September 29, 2005
Topic: September 2005
Haven't checked in for a while, not for any reason, other then nothing really new to say. Oh, I did take my own advice and make the appointment for the MRI my surgeon wanted me to get. I've been putting that off for a few months.... hate those MRI's ... heck, I can't even zip up a tent when camping, and they expect me to go into that thick metal tube! Yikes. Had one before and I pressed the panic button, just to test the technician. Found out the button worked, the guy was still there and he drew me out, so went back in to finish the scan, but boy it was tough. But I promised my surgeon I'd make the appt, so I did. She wants to make sure she got all the cancer/tumor since she said my margins were not well defined. Um... I thought they were.. oh well. So, that appt is next Thursday and I'll have DH go with me and promise to stay in the room - you know in case of an earthquake or flood or something and I need to get out of there.

Next Monday is my 4th chemo and the last of the "AC" of the "AC&T"; then only 4 more treatments and of one drug, but same side effects.

I ordered a couple more wigs, one long and auburn, and the other short-ish and brown with gold highlights. What the heck... I never want to go back to being stuck in a hair rut again. you know, where you don't change your hair style for years. I've been alternating between the wig, scarves, and hats. Oh, and I got some great crochet caps that are so comfy. And then I still go on my bald walks, although it is getting cooler at nite and I've been opting for a baseball cap. So, I suppose I'm trying to make lemonade out of the lemons.

Posted by sue at 9:52 AM PDT
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Bring me my Soap Box
Topic: September 2005
Ok, here we go..... everyone needs to get their annual whatevers... this includes, paps, mammograms, colonoscopies, blood work, whatever. Do self exams, go to the doc regularly and take care of yourselves. Do you know most people take better care of their cars then they do of themselves. And hey, you can trade in your car, but just try to trade in your body.... ah, doesn't always work.

So don't neglect your health. Yea, we all hate to go to the doc, to have them poking around us, checking this, checking that, and most of them, sorry to say, need work on their bedside manner, but it's all about PREVENTIVE health care. So, if you haven't had a check up in a while, been putting off your mammogram or pap, or that augh, colonoscopy... don't. Nothing should take priority over your own health. Not your job, not your kids, spouse, vacation, weather, whatever. YOU can't enjoy any of those things without your health.

phew... ok, I'm done yelling, time for more coffee.

Posted by sue at 9:49 AM PDT
Friday, September 16, 2005
Bring on the weekend
Topic: September 2005
So, now I'm thinking about food and not feeling too bad... that's a good sign. Oh, I asked the doc about the rash and he didn't think it was chemo related, whatever... it's just strange that it occurs about 10 days after infusion... but since he didn't seemed concerned; I won't either.

As I was driving into work this morning, I was thinking how my life seems to be sounding like a bizzare soap opera, with the fire and all... well at least I haven't experienced any multiple personalities or found any dead people that came back to life. My mom, dad and I were at a picnic thingy a week or 2 ago and we each won a prize at the raffle, so we figured that we are now on a winning streak. Although I can't see how winning a $19 knife set; a 1/2 set of golf balls (can you believe they didn't even include the entire set in the box); or a gift certificate to a pizza parlor that hasn't even opened yet a "prize". Maybe that was the end to the bad luck -- kinda like the bad-luck booby prize.

Posted by sue at 4:44 PM PDT
Thursday, September 15, 2005
Working my way back to "normal"
Topic: September 2005
Yesterday I was feeling barfy, so I left work at noon and went home and slept. Ah.... DH (that would be "darling husband") brought me some soup. I don't worry too much about eating anymore because I know after about a week my appetite comes back and I eat. So the cycle is: chemo week: don't eat much; week after chemo: eat things that don't give me heartburn (i.e., stay away from tomatoe based stuff and spicy foods - so that means ice cream is good); week before chemo: eat and drink anything.

It's really cold not having hair! I don't know how bald guys stand it. I guess they get used to it becuase it probably is a more gradual loss. I think I'm gonna start wearing those sweater "gangsta" beanies! As far as the hairloss bit, I'm keeping my eye on the end game - thinking about new hair and if it will be different. I can't wait... only 3 more months of this.

Still haven't had any progress on the house fire restoration.... the government must be involved in some way, nothing's happening; just a bunch of finger pointing! I'm glad I got my sister's house to camp out at!

Posted by sue at 8:39 AM PDT
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Three down; Five to go
Topic: September 2005
Yesterday was treatment no. 3. Nothing unpredictable. Saw the doc, said my blood work ws great. what I did learn is that my blood count goes back to normal between each treatment; so it is not like it is "bad" all the time, just for a period of about a week between treatments. So, it starts out normal, then slowly goes down to low, then crawls it's way back up to normal, then they infuse me. It takes about 3 hours for the infusion because they do each drug one at a time. My sister came along and did some homework and visited, then and DH came too. Afterwards we went to dinner, but I didn't eat too much; but wanted to eat something before the nausea and drrrrrrrrrry mouth set in. So, today, I'm tired, my mouth is dry and oh, aunt flo showed up with her luggage, so there's probably some PMS mixed in.... oh great!

This past weekend, my sister cindy and I went to Palm Springs and shopped until we ran out of money and ate until we had to unzip our jeans. It was a good weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot, I stopped at the LA County fair to check on my entries, and well.... drumroll... I got first place on each item. My jacket, shirt and purse (which I trew together and used an old belt for a handle) all won a blue ribbon. I was very excited. But, I was most excited for my friend who's entry won three ribbons, Blue/First, Best of Show and a Special Award from a local Quilt Shop. She wasn't with me and didn't want me to spill the beans and tell her and I could hardly contain myself. Here's a picture of her quilt which was hand and machine quilted with trupunto

here's a picture of my jacket, taken with my cellphone, so it is not a good quality, but you get an idea. It was all tailored and lined.

I can't wait to get it back, since it's the only jacket I have since everything was packed up until they fix the upstairs. Which, still hasn't had any progress, but I won't ruin my good mood with THAT story.

Posted by sue at 9:35 AM PDT
Updated: Monday, October 17, 2005 8:11 AM PDT

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