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Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Monday, April 26, 2010
Help... I'm sewing dresses and can't stop


Here's another dress accented with one of my Grandma's brooches.  During a recent visit to my mom and dad's house, I was rummaging through my mom's jewelry box (she's got the best costume jewelry collection and as a kid I was always sneaking into her dresser to drool over her jewelry!) I recently "found" this pin and mentioned how much I liked it... well, she gave me the pin along with a box full of my grandma and great grandma's brooches!  Score!  I "borrowed" the pin at the waist idea from another sewing friend who made this dress  "Slapdash Sewist"  and it really adds to this dress.  I need a cocktail dress for an upcoming sewing get together and I think this dress and pin will work out nicely.  If I omit the pin and add a cute pair of casual sandals, I think this dress will also work for an upcoming casual party! 

 This dress if Simplicity 2497 a Cynthia Rowley design and it is so cute.  http://www.simplicity.com/p-3055-misses-dresses.aspx 

I may make the other version. 

This past saturday my friend Kathi and I went to Little Tokyo  and  checked out the textile exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum... it was a nice museum with some interesting exhibits.   http://www.janm.org/exhibits/texturedlives/   

Before heading to the museum we met at FIDM where we rummaged through the $1 yard fabric "closet" and I came home with some really nice lightweight cotton prints... for... yep, dresses!   


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Thursday, April 22, 2010
Dresses and more Dresses

I've been really into sewing dresses lately.  I love dresses in the summer.  They are easy to wear to work, just toss on, and more comfortable than pants.  I can toss on some sandels, an easy dress and some earrings and I'm all dressed up and ready to go....

I made Vogue 1160 again, and probably the last time. But sewing with cotton and silk voille is so much fun and so soft.  


not sure where I'll wear it, but I'm sure when summer does arrive, I'll find somewhere.



I also made this dress from some vintage cir. 1960's fabric. It's much cuter in person as it does look a bit drab in the photo.  






























but it's a nice lightweight cotton rayon blend and it has some dark cross threads that give it a nice textured look.   This is Vogue 1152 which I also previously made, but this time I raised the neckline 4" and took in the back (see the gathers) more ..


I have 2 more dresses cut and ready to sew - hopefully this weekend!

Here's a collage of the dresses these past 2 months

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Thursday, April 15, 2010
Blooming Cactus

The cactus are starting to bloom at Huntington Library and Gardens. During lunch, I walked over with my camera and took photos.  Then noticed my battery was weak .... and need to go back to get more.... but that's ok, because I suspect next week will be even more spectacular!






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Sunday, April 11, 2010
Luau and some Sewing

The last day of our trip  Undecided we went to the Hotel's Luau.  We had a great time, especially Gali who had fun getting up in front doing the hula! 

 As you walk into the area, they take your photo....  well, we grabbed a drink, and then had our photo....




While in Waikiki I did stop at a fabric store... well actually 2!  The first was Hawaiian Fabric Mart... it was so-so.  What I really wanted was some nice bark/lava cloth.  They had none.  They had a lot of fabric, but it was mostly cheap, gaudy tropical printed fabrics.  Then I went to Kaimuki Dry Goods... they had some nice fabrics, but it was expensive compared to the prices I can get online or in Los Angeles.  So, I didn't buy any fabric....  
















But, here's a sneak peak at the fabric for the project I'm working on now!  This fabric has a nice retro vibe.  I think I got it from my aunt when she was cleaning out her fabrics.   It's a really nice soft cotton or rayon.  I should have this sewn up by the weekend!



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Friday, April 9, 2010
Hanauma Bay

the first full day in Oahu we went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay (well, others went snorkeling, I sat on the beach (I have this thing about fish (similar to the one I have of birds)... but that's another story).
When I was in Oahu about 15 years ago, Hanauma Bay was free and there were lots and lots of fish. This time, it costs $1 to park and $7 per person to go to the beach.  It was also $2 to take the tram down the trail to the beach... it's a short walk, but I suppose if you had a lot of gear, the $2 would be worth it.  We walked.   There weren't as many fish as the last time either but that's because you are no longer allowed to feed them.  Last time, people would bring frozen peas to feed the fish. 


Last visit, I was with my friend Shirlene.  We walked around the bay, to the east to the area known as the "toilet bowl"... because water rushes into a bowl that you can swim in.  I don't recall if we went swimmin in the "bowl", but it was a nice walk!   This time I lounged and no one seemed interested in any hike or walk, but that's ok... I was on vacation!
Here's the view of the bay as we walk down the trail and some other photos of swimmers and sun bathers.  Also, a a "towel view"  (the palm trees)




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